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ACON Air Trampoline Review

The ACON Air trampoline features an impressive design with the superior level of build quality which can survive continuous outdoor use all year round. The durability is worth the premium price tag alone, but the addition of the sky-high weight capacity and the great bounce make this trampoline exceptional value for money.

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There’s no denying that this is a seriously heavy duty trampoline. The frame is made from thick, galvanized steel pipes which are incredibly sturdy. The upside of this is that the trampoline won’t budge an inch, even with the strongest of winds or most vigorous of jumping, but the downside is that it’s difficult to move when you need to do yard work.

It isn’t just wind that this trampoline can withstand: you can keep it up all year round through all weathers. I’ve seen it go through both a snowy winter and a hot, sunny summer, and it still looks almost as good as new.

Assembly of this trampoline took a while, but that’s to be expected when you’re putting together a tough, superior quality piece of kit. A tool to connect the springs is included, and although it’s a little flimsy it’s a welcome relief as trying to connect the springs without one would be almost impossible.

Overall, the instructions are clear, but I would recommend reading through them before you begin. Use both the written instructions and the pictures, because it’s easy to make a mistake when fitting the enclosure net – and I can assure you that this is a job that you don’t want to have to do twice!

Once it’s up, this trampoline is fantastic. It doesn’t have a weight restriction for a single user – instead, it has an overall weight limit of 800 lbs, which is more than enough for a whole group of kids and even a few adults, too. The bounce is incredible, and even with the strain of the whole family jumping at once I never heard or felt any creaking.

During assembly, you have to weave the safety net to the jumping mat, which means that there is no gap to pinch or catch little hands and feet. In addition to this the springs are connected outside the enclosure net, which is another safety feature which I’m sure other parents will find reassuring.

Finally, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the ACON Air trampoline comes with its own ladder to climb on and off the jumping mat safely. This wasn’t mentioned in the product description so it’s a nice touch which saves you from having to spend out on buying a separate one.

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The Good

  • Very high maximum weight capacity with no single user limit
  • Very heavy duty construction
  • Suitable for use all-year round
  • Ladder included

The Bad

  • Assembly takes a few hours
Features & Specs
  • Size Options: 14′, 15′
  • Weight Limit: 800 lbs
  • Shape: Round
  • Trampoline Weight: 295 lbs (15′), 282 lbs (14′)
  • Safety Features: Galvanized steel frame, 5 year warranty on the frame

The ACON Air Trampoline can be found on Amazon

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