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Best Inflatable Hot Tub

  Deciding to buy a hot tub used to be a luxury decision. It was something that you couldn't dream about, but until you had an extra 5 grand lying around, it just wasn’t realistic.

Now, choosing the best inflatable hot tub is ‘luxury on a budget’. The advantages are obvious: quick setup, easily portable, and often they can be found for a fraction of the price.

Whether you’re looking for the best inflatable for quality time with your wife with exact temperature control or just a budget solution for your home:

You’ve come to the right place.

There are many options and factors to consider before making the final decision. In this guide we’ve composed customer reviews, online and in person interviews, and days of research into a comprehensive guide that you won’t find a better version of online.

This post will tell you what you need to know when buying an inflatable hot tub. In my Buyer’s Guide, I’ll discuss the most important factors for choosing an inflatable hot tub; what types of hot tubs are available; ; and what you should ask yourself before making the purchase.

For my best inflatable hot tub review, keep reading below and I’ll give you my top picks.

Bottom Line

  All three products on my list are priced, between $250 and $350. The Coleman  comes in at the lowest price, and best budget option. The Intex wins my overall choice for its affordability and great features across the board. And the GoPlus, is the best party hot tub on my list.

This post will run through my portable hot tub reviews, with recommendations for the best inflatable hot tubs in three separate categories. Then, I’ll take you through my Buyer’s Guide where you’ll learn how to choose the best portable hot tub, what’s important to notice, what’s not, and which brands to keep an eye out for.

Let’s start with the reviews.

At the end of the day, the main differences you’ll find have to do with the durability of the hot tub and the portability and bubble feel and control. While a major concern for many is ease of use, each of my three choices are reliable and consistent. That being said, if you do choose to stray from this list, be sure to find a hot tub that is both warrantied extensively, and backed by customer reviews.

Choose Your Budget




BEST 6-Person


Intex PureSpa


6 Person Hot Tub


Coleman Inflatable


4 Person Hot Tub

Best Party Hot Tub



4 Person Hot Tub

How We Picked?

This guide compares our top picks divided into 3 price-ranges for easy browsing (Here is the full list of the 17 products we tested). You can jump between price ranges using the menu below. Finally, there’s a useful buyer’s guide at the bottom of the page that helps explain what you should look for when buying an inflatable hot tub.

The Runner Ups

These  hot tub's didn't make the top 3 list, but you should take them into consideration: 

SaluSpa Paris AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub: Check Inflatable Hot Tub

Bestway 54155E Hawaii Air Jet Inflatable Outdoor Spa: Check Inflatable Hot Tub


Intex PureSpa 6-Person Inflatable

The Intex PureSpa 6-Person is an ideal inflatable option for larger groups and families. Capable of going on the road and setting up at the family getaway house, this is one of the most comfortable inflatable spas on the market--with Intex’s fiber-tech construction, you’ll have a firm seat backed by 140 bubble massage jets.. 

Full review below.

Who Should Buy?

Great for families and neighborhood gatherings. Can comfortably fit 4 large adults, but capable of seating 6, with a powerful heat pump to stay warm through the winter.

Full Intex PureSpa 6-Person Inflatable Review 

   Intex are leaders in inflatables, from above ground pools to comfy air beds and inflatable spas. Their specialty in inflatable materials comes through in this Intex portable hot tub, made with fiber-tech construction that is durable and comfortable. A big problem with inflatable hot tubs is the resistance when you sit in it; many give way like a sloppy half-filled air mattress. The PureSpa from Intex uses thousands of polyester fibers to produce a really firm finish.

It’s also packed with 140 bubble jets circulating the interior of the hot tub, giving a steady massage when the pump is on. Generally speaking, most people report having the PureSpa set-up in 10 minutes, with a 30 minute period for filling it up. Since it is a larger tub, it also leans toward the 2 degree per hour rate (it’s unlikely to get 3 degrees with over 1000 liters, unless it’s already warm outside).

Even the most negative reviews compliment Intex on their quality of inflatables. The main issues seem to be regarding the durability of the pump, with some users reporting problems in the first five weeks of use. Whether Intex has a manufacturing problem, or if the design itself is defunct is unclear--the latter is unlikely considering the number of success stories. In any case, be aware that the pump and parts are under warranty, so if you do have issues be sure to send it back promptly and ask for a replacement.


  • Jet Type: Air
  • Water Capacity: 1,097 Liters
  • Heating System: 1,300W/ 2-3 degrees per hour
  • Special Features: Fiber-tech construction exterior


  • Incredibly firm and durable polyester interior
  • Largest hot tub on the list, suitable for families and large groups
  • Great bubble massage system with good air pressure
  • Reaches great temperatures, even outside in a Michigan February


  • Reported pump troubles
  • Slow to heat up (at 2 degrees per hour, you may need to wait a while)

BEST 4 Person inflatable hot tub

Coleman Inflatable 4-Person SaluSpa

The 4-Person SaluSpa from Coleman wins my best 4-seater choice for its durable and comfortable interior, its easy-to-use digital display and affordability.

Who Should Buy?

An ideal medium-sized and lightweight option, this is great for smaller families on a budget.

Full Coleman Inflatable 4-Person SaluSpa Review 

   The 4-Person Inflatable SaluSap from Coleman uses a rapid heating system to get things going quickly. It’s made with a 3-ply PVC, so the interior walling is backed with a sturdy frame that doesn’t bend. Alongside the Intex PureSpa, this is one of the more comfortable seating arrangements on the list.

The Coleman portable hot tub also utilizes a digital display, which can be adjusted from within the spa--in winter, there’s nothing worse than getting out of the tub to control the heat tub, so this is a definite plus point. Its water filtration system is also easy to operate, and it’s good to see a company that includes 2 extra filter cartridges with the original product.

Reviewers have been quick to comment on how quiet the pump on this model is (the bubbles make things a little louder, but that’s only natural), which isn’t so common for the price tag. Unfortunately, there have also been a few select reports of leaks and a weak filter which doesn’t keep the water clean with regular use.


  • Jet Type: Air
  • Water Capacity: 795 Liters
  • Heating System: 1,300W/ 2-3 degrees per hour
  • Special Features:  Digital display controlled in-spa


  • Comfortable seating with room for 4 adults
  • Quiet, powerful pump which operates 120 bubble massage jets and rapid heating system
  • Includes insulated cover
  • 3-ply PVC design for durability
  • Very affordable 4-person option


  • Water filters needs to be replaced regularly
  • Susceptible to leaks (although, it comes with a leak repair kit)

Best Party Hot Tub


This is a terrific inflatable hot tub option from GoPlus. Their models range from 4-6 persons, but this 4-Person option wins my Best Party Hot Tub award. Made with students, young couples and anyone fun-lover on a budget in mind, this hot tub from GoPlus makes for a great evening or day party hot spot.

Who Should Buy?

As an affordable 4-Person option, this is great for young crowds and party settings. More focused on fun than divine luxury.

Full GoPlus Review 

   GoPlus’ 4-Person hot tub is self-inflating and claims an impressive 5 minute set-up time. With 130 bubble jets and a digital temperature display built-in to the spa wall, this is the most user-friendly option on my list. The water drainage system is simple to operate, just find some grass or a drain and unscrew the cap found at the base of the spa.

I personally like the beige exterior design which gives a bamboo jungle feeling. While this isn’t the largest hot tub on the list, it can comfortably seat 4 adults. This, in combination with its quick setup, stylish design and affordable price tag, make it a great party hot tub option for friends.

Since GoPlus offers two sizes and color options, there seems to have been some confusion in the listing. Many people expect this model to hold 6 people: it definitely will not. This is a 4-person tub, and with four people you won’t a lot of room to move around (not that you really need to in a hot tub). On a more serious note, there have been issues surrounding the heater which seems to have a relatively short lifespan. Many report that tub works great for the first month, but then the heater starts having problems--if this does happen, you will be covered under warranty and receive your money back.


  • Jet Type: Air
  • Water Capacity:  954 Liters
  • Heating System: 2-3 F/h
  • Special Features:  Fast self-inflating setup


  • Fun, easy-to-use hot tub from GoPlus
  • Very affordable
  • 130 bubble massage jets which give a great relaxing experience
  • Uses easy-to-replace filter cartridges
  • Includes a cover for heat preservation (when you’re not using the hot tub!)


  • Soft, inflatable interior
  • Heater durability problems

Buyer’s Guide

How to choose a portable hot tub

With a steady rise in popularity, choosing the best portable hot tub to buy isn’t as easy as it used to be. Today, there are any number of shapes, designs, materials, pumps and components to consider; not to mention the price of running your hot tub; how many people you want to fit; and where you want to use your hot tub.

This section will give you a simple system to follow, so that you can focus your search for the best inflatable hot tub for the money. You’ll need to consider three things:

How large do you want your portable hot tub to be?

What type of jet does it us? And

How often and where will you be using your portable hot tub?

Sizing and Design

Choosing the size and design of your hot tub will be decided by your family and household needs. For couples, a tight and cozy hot tub may be advantageous; while larger families will need a little more space to keep everyone happy.

Generally speaking, the smallest sizes will be 2 person hot tubs, which run on approximately 500 litres.

Larger sizes accommodate 6 persons, and can be as voluminous as 1100 litres.

     It’s worth noting that 1100 litres is a lot of weight, and this needs to be taken into account before settling your foundations. If your veranda has seen better days, it may not be a good idea to place over one freight ton of weight on it.

     When it comes to design, you can find hot tubs in rectangular, box and circular shape. Another popular thread for buyers is to find a hard sided portable hot tub. As opposed to soft inflatable plastic tubs, hard sided hot tubs are more similar to traditional spas and are often slightly pricier. Know what is the best portable hot tub for your location is also important.

Jet Types

Jets are the engine of your hot tub, and create that pleasant relaxing movement we all love. When it comes to choosing your portable hot tub, there are two main types of jet you’ll want to keep an eye out for.

Air Jets: These are the cheaper alternative of the pairing, and they come with unique advantages and disadvantages. On the positive side, they provide a powerful massage stream, by utilizing the same power that is used for inflating the hot tub. This system is also its downfall, as you are often unable to operate air jets with the heater/pump simultaneously; not only will the heating be off, but the air jets actually cool down the water by moving it around.

Hydro Jets: Water jets are the standard option for traditional spas and jacuzzis, but are less common in inflatable models. They are more complex and costly to manufacture, since they require a powerful water pump. The advantages of hydro jets are that they are quieter than air jets; they give a more focused massage; and they do not cool down the water while operating.

Durability and Portability

The question of durability and portability go somewhat hand in hand. For example, if you plan on using your hot tub frequently, but only ever in the same location, then the benefits of an inflatable hot tub will be limited (you may as well invest in a traditional spa or jacuzzi).

     However, if you are looking for a portable hot tub that can travel with you easily, then there will be factors to consider when choosing the best inflatable hot tub. The speed of the air pump, along with how well it can be folded, stored and transported are all important factors for portability.

     Durability will depend on the quality of materials, how well you maintain your hot tub, and how often you use it. If you are frequently taking a soak, then it’s important that you clean the tub regularly and maintain the right chemical balance in the water. I don’t mean to scare you, but hot tubs can quickly turn into bacterial breeding grounds--the hot, damp environment is a playground for germs, and without the right ph balance and hygiene, you may end up with a health hazard rather than a tool for relaxation.

     Other considerations like the sturdiness of the inflatable plastic and bearing structure will play a major role in your hot tub’s durability. Be sure to check out my reviews above for a run-down of the best inflatable hot tubs, each of which comes with a quality warranty agreement.

How to set up a portable hot tub

The brilliance of the portable hot tub is that you don’t need to settle on a single spot. You can take it with you on road trips, family vacations and easily store it when not in use.

When you do decide to bring it out, however, it helps to have a system in place that will make the process efficient and enjoyable. For me, the first step will always be to put on some tunes, or maybe hook-up the headphones with my favorite podcast; I like to move at a slow pace, and setting up the hot tub is no exception.

Set-up in 5 quick steps:

Pick your location. Hopefully, you’ve already considered this before purchase and already have a good idea of where you want to set up. Maybe it’s the patio, veranda, or a space in the yard; just be sure to clear the space before settling in. If you’re setting up on grass, be sure to clean the space of any sharp rock, sticks or (if you have pets) unmentionable messes.

Prepare and inflate. Spread out the plastic in your designated space, and make sure that it has room to inflate without obstruction. Then, depending on the model, attach the inflation valve to pump and let it get to work.

Attach your filter. Water filters aren’t included in all inflatable models, but they’re an important piece of equipment for longevity and hygiene. After inflating, you’ll want to attach your water filter to the outlet valve. Be sure to do this before filling your tub with water!

Fill it up. Heat it up. Yep, it’s as easy as grabbing the garden hose and letting it loose. Most inflatable tubs will come with a ‘fill line’ which tells you the ideal water capacity for each tub--so just keep an eye on this marker. Once you hit the marker, turn on your heating pump and start preparing for your first soak.

Maintain. It’s important to keep the water in your tub clean and at the correct ph level. Be sure to test your tub water’s chemical balance on a regular basis, which can be done with a simple water testing strip.

Are portable hot tubs worth it? 

Portable hot tubs let you enjoy the relaxation of regular hot tubs, without the hefty price tag or inflexibility. If you’re looking for comfort on a budget, portable hot tubs are definitely worth the money.

Can portable hot tubs be used indoors?

Inflatable hot tubs, like regular hot tubs, can also be set up indoors. The benefit of portable hot tubs, however, is that you can take them with you on family trips, as well as getting comfortable within the privacy of your own home.

How long do portable hot tubs last? 

This will depend on the quality of your portable hot tub, as well as the components and materials used to make it. Generally speaking, this can range anywhere between 5-20 years; be sure to keep an eye out for your product warranty, as this will also give a good indicator for how long the product is supposed to last.

What is the top rated portable hot tub; 110 volts? 

The Coleman SaluSpa listed above runs on a single 110 volt outlet. This is one of my favorite inflatable hot tubs, and one of the top rated 110 volt hot tubs on the market.

How to deflate a portable hot tub 

First, let’s be very clear on this: make sure you drain the hot tub of water before deflating it. Once there is no water in the inflatable hot tub, use your pump/heater (set to deflate) to suck the air out--once it’s nearly empty, you can begin folding and pressing the remaining air out.

Why choose portable hot tubs? 

Portable hot tubs are great for their flexibility and affordability. You can take them with you on the road, set them up in your bathroom or out on the patio; unlike traditional hot tubs, they don’t take up much storage space and can be quickly moved, assembled and disassembled.

What are the top rated intex portable hot tubs? 

On this list, you’ll find my top rated Intex inflatable hot tub, the PureSpa 6-Person Inflatable.

How loud are portable hot tub pumps? 

Different models use different pumps--this is where the most noise from your hot tub will be produced, so keep an eye out for customers reviews. Generally speaking, though, the water pumps used for hot tubs aren’t very powerful and only serve to distribute a relatively small amount of water around the tub, so they’re not very loud.

How to deep clean portable hot tubs 

For a deep and thorough clean, you’ll first need to completely drain your portable hot tub. Then, it’s a matter of cleaning each component separately; scrub the water filter, brush the plastic inflatable surfaces, and don’t forget to clean the hot tub lid if you have one!

How to take care of a portable hot tub 

Maintaining your hot tub can be managed in three simple steps:

Test and balance the water ph regularly;

Use a cover, lid or tarpaulin when not in use; and

Do a full clean every 2-3 months, draining the water and cleaning each component to avoid bacteria build-up.

Are portable hot tubs expensive to run? 

It will depend on your country and local electricity supplier. However, a rough estimate given by Lay-Z-Spa is $10-15 per week, based on customer reports.

What is best portable hot tub motor and pump brand? 

Ensuring that your portable hot tub has the best tub motor and components is important. For this reason, we would suggest sticking with trusted names like Lay-Z-Spa and Intex.

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