The 3 Best One Piece Toilets Reviewed [And How to Save on Your Water Bill]

  It’s one of the most underappreciated items that we use each and every day:

Our home toilet.

​​And since no one really wants to do the in-depth research, ask around town for opinions, or head over to your neighbor’s to try their latest model:

We decided to do the in-depth research for you. 

This post will focus on the best one piece toilets on the market. We’ll show you what a one piece toilet is, if it would make a good fit for your home, as well as reviewing three of our favorite models out there today.

Whether you’re looking for the best one piece toilet or to understand if it would make a good fit for your home.

You’ve come to the right place.

There are many options and factors to consider before making the final decision. In this guide we’ve composed customer reviews, online and in person interviews, and days of research into a comprehensive guide that you won’t find a better version of online.

For my best one piece toilets reviewed, keep reading below and I’ll give you my top picks.

Bottom Line

  The best one piece flush toilets are, generally speaking, the aesthetic favorite when it comes to design. The single piece connecting tank and bowl also removes the build-up of debris which makes cleaning much easier.

They're also typically more expensive than two piece toilets and can be slightly more difficult to manoeuvre on installation. That being said, they take less work during setup, since the tank and bowl are already connected.

  All three products on my list are priced, between $280 and $780. The Swiss Madison  comes in at the lowest price, and best budget option. The WoodBridge wins my overall choice for its affordability and great features across the board. And the TOTO Ultramax II, while a little more expensive, is the and best electric smoker my list.

Choose Your Budget



Gallons Per Flush


WoodBridge One Piece Toilet




Swiss Madison One Piece Tornado Flush



BEST Single Flush

Toto UltraMax II One Piece


Electric Smoker

How We Picked?

This guide compares our top picks split into 3 price-ranges for easy browsing (Here is the full list of the 17 products we tested): Best Overall, Best Budget & Best Single Flush. To navigate between price ranges, just use the menu below.

There’s also useful buyer’s guide at the bottom of the page that helps explain what you should be looking for when browsing one piece toilets and reading our HomeTechLab reviews.


WoodBridge One Piece Toilet Review

WOODBRIDGE are the luxury specialists, and their Smart Bidet Toilet is no exception. With high-end features like bidet cleaning and LED lighting to guide your way in the darkness, this is our favorite overall pick for its attention to detail and quality. For performance, it’s also one of the top-rated products on this list, giving a powerful flush and meeting water usage standards..  Full review below.

Who Should Buy?

Midnight bathroom visitors and anyone looking to upgrade their toilet experience.

Full WoodBridge One Piece Toilet Review 

   WOODBRIDGE’s Luxury Smart Toilet with Bidet is king in the bathroom. A dual flush system with a powerful clean and quiet flush, the Woodbridge luxury model is an investment that will serve you well for many years.
Now, onto the cool stuff. The in-built bidet cleaner also comes with an adjustable warm air dryer. In combination with the bidet, the dryer is claimed to remove the need for toilet paper altogether. Add to that an adjustable seat warmer (5 temperatures) and oscillating pulse and massage features, and your bathroom is suddenly looking a whole lot more luxurious.
While the luxury features are nice, I really like one inclusion to the WOODBRIDGE Smart Toilet: LED lighting. If you’re anything like me, the middle of the night is prime bladder time. And there’s nothing worse than turning on a bright bathroom light just to use the toilet at midnight. The LED lighted seating gives a gentle glow to orient you and let you use your bathroom in peace.

Of course, all of this comes at quite a cost. Overall, however, we decided that the best is still best, and if you’re looking for the highest quality one piece toilet available, this is what we would suggest. Then again, the prices on these models are always fluctuating, so feel free to check the price on Amazon today.


  • Toilet Type: One Piece Elongated (With Bidet Seat)
  • Flush System: Dual Flush
  • Gall Per Flush: 1.28gpf
  • Warranty: 2-Year 


  • Dual-flush with 1.0gpf partial flush option
  • Bidet included
  • Heated air dryer, warm water & elongated bowl for comfort
  • LED lighting to find the toilet in the dark


  • Quite expensive
  • Not as powerful a flush as some Toto models


Swiss Madison One Piece Review

The Swiss Madison SHBOD_19 is one of our favorites, and one of the best one piece dual flush toilets we’ve come across. Honestly, we’re still shocked that it can be so affordable. With incredible water efficiency (a 0.8gpf partial flush & 1.28gpf full flush) and a sleek, full-skirted design for easy cleaning, we really like this product from Swiss Madison.  Full review below.

Who Should Buy?

Simply put, this is probably the best one piece toilet for the money that we’ve found.

Full Swiss Madison One Piece Review

   The Swiss Madison is an incredible budget option in the one piece category. Honestly, it manages to save you at purchase and in the long run.
This is one of the most water-friendly toilets available, with an impressive 0.8gpf partial flush, and just a 1.28gpf full flush. Comparing this partial flush to your standard 1.6gpf, that’s half the water usage of standard toilet flush systems. I also like that Swiss Madison have kept the partial and full flush proportionate--having two 0.8 and 1.6 flush options is a bit too much, so I like that the full flush is also a water efficient option.

Of course, this does mean that it won’t give as powerful of a flush as some other toilets. But that being said, most users have been impressed by the quiet strength of Swiss Madison’s Tornado flush system.

The main complaint has been twofold: comfort and ease-of-setup. I guess there had to be some sort of tradeoff, and some users have mentioned that installation can be a bit of a hassle--even for some professional plumbers. The comfort aspect is less common, with the occasional comment that this model isn’t as comfortable to sit on as others. Personally, I think this problem could be easily fixed with a new seat if it was a big enough concern.


  • Toilet Type: One-Piece Elongated
  • Flush System: Single Flush
  • Gallons Per Flush: 1.28 gpf
  • Warrant: Double Cyclone Flush


  • Super water efficient flush system
  • Very sleek, modern design
  • Fully skirted design for easy cleaning
  • Reach-in space for toilet seat bolts, so that you can actually change your seat without hassle (a common problem for one piece designs!)
  • The best one piece toilet under $300


  • Not as powerful as other 1.6gpf models
  • Can be difficult to install


Toto UltraMax II One Piece Toilet Review

Toto is a household name in the toilet industry and has been for some time. They have a huge listing of products, and we’ve filtered through them to land on this: The Toto UltraMax II as our favorite Single Flush One Piece toilet. It has great water efficiency, a powerful double cyclone flush system and will pretty much always get the job done in just one flush.  Full review below.

Who Should Buy?

For California residents, you’ll be glad to see this model meets the CALGreen standards--but really, for anyone who wants the most powerful flush without needing to use 1.6gpf will enjoy this 1.28 double cyclone system.

Full Toto UltraMax II One Piece Review 

   As the best single flush option, we chose a toilet with fantastic water efficiency. While the Toto UltraMax II doesn’t have a partial flush, this isn’t such a concern when it’s full flush is a light 1.28gpf.
Another clean design from Toto, the UltraMax II uses a double cyclone flush system to give you the most bang for your flush-gallon-buck. While meeting EPA WaterSense standards and California’s CEC and CALGreen requirements, it will still give you a powerful flush--admittedly, much more powerful than many other 1.28gpf models available.
The main complaint that users have made is to do with the design being somewhat unfriendly to plungers, and that the flapper is very difficult to replace. In the FAQ section of this post, we actually go through a quick guide to replacing the flush valve on a one-piece toilet. It’s a little more complicated than in two piece models, but certainly not impossible and we’ve also linked to a great video which walks you through the whole process.


  • Toilet Type: One-Piece Elongated
  • Flush System: Single Flush
  • Gallons Per Flush: 1.28gpf
  • Warranty: 1-Year 


  • Great water efficiency at 1.28gpf
    Powerful clean with double cyclone flush technology
    ●CALGreen certified
    ●Trusted brand


  • Quite expensive
  • Not as powerful a flush as some Toto models

Buyer’s Guide

What is a one piece toilet?

One piece toilets combine the water tank and bowl through a single connected piece. Usually made from porcelain, this gives one piece toilets a sleek and clean-looking design. It also makes them slightly heavier--which can be a pain on installation (especially if you need to carry it upstairs!).

Why have a one piece toilet?

While two piece toilets are the most common design today, one piece toilets come with a number of advantages. Firstly, the single piece design actually makes them easier to clean, and can allow for a better interaction between the water tank and bowl. A major source of visible dirt and dust in the bathroom is caught in the space between the tank and bowl of two piece toilets. It can build over time, hardening and becoming quite difficult to clean if you leave it too long.

One piece toilets tend to follow a more rounded design, and the connecting piece of porcelain makes them much easier to wipe down when needed.

Secondly, the one piece design is (in my opinion) a more stylish model, with a smooth transition from bowl to tank that avoids the often clunky box designs of two piece toilets.

What are the disadvantages of a one piece toilet?

One piece toilets are generally more expensive;

They can be more difficult to move or uninstall; And

They give you less freedom in designs (like in-wall water tank systems).

Which is the best one piece toilet?

From our research, we’ve landed on the Woodbridge Luxury Smart Toilet for our Best Overall model. It has all of the features that we want to see in a one piece toilet, along with a beautiful sleek design. For the full detailed review, see above.

How to choose a one piece toilet

Choosing a one piece toilet will come down to three main buyer’s decisions:

  1. Bowl type: You’ll want to consider the style and shape of your bowl. Fortunately, this decision can be quite simply broken down into elongated and round.
  2. Efficiency: This is where you’ll take a moment to think about how water and energy efficient you toilet is. While it may save you money at purchase to choose an inefficient model, how much is that really saving you in the long run? We’ll talk about that more below.
  3. Flushing System: While this also has to do with water efficiency, a flushing system will decide how powerful, quiet and clean a single flush will be. We’ll walk you through the different flush types, technologies and which ones are really the best bang for your buck.

Before you dive into these three main topics, I’d suggest taking a moment to consider your budget from the outset.

Are you looking for a luxury item to really wow your home and guests?

Or is this a budget purchase, aimed mostly at practicality?

Setting your budget at the beginning of the buying process can be a good way to steer the path while you make your way through the details on how to choose below.

You can always adjust from your starting point as you learn about new features that might be useful, but we always try recommend our readers to take the most practical approach to their buying decisions as possible.

So, let’s get into it.

Bowl Types


The first bowl type you’ll want to be familiar with is the elongated bowl. And while it’s mostly a matter of personal taste, these bowls are typically considered the more luxurious model of toilets.

Above, you’ll find examples of elongated bowls in our Woodbridge, X and Y models.

Round Bowls 

These are the more practical bowl types, but they can be stylish, too. One big advantage of the round bowl type is that it takes up less floor space.

Elongated bowls might be sleeker, but they take up more floor space to basically get the same job done. Round bowls are the most practical style and can be easily fitted into any bathroom.


To be honest, this is probably one of the most important factors to consider when making a one piece toilet purchase.

Especially if this will be a long-term solution, it can really pay off to think a few years ahead to get an accurate price.

What do I mean by that… Let’s take a look at some numbers.

As you can see, using a water efficient system can save you dramatically in the long-run.

The standard limit for residential toilets is 1.6 gallons per flush. That’s a federal limit, which has caused manufacturers to make some seriously impressive changes in recent history:

When you consider that this limit was as high as 5 gallons just a couple of decades prior, that’s a 300% increase in water efficiency.

And since we’re talking numbers, let’s take a moment to point out another thing.

While you may be aware of it already, I want to take a second to break down what the numbers actually mean.

Because the difference between a 1.6 and a 1.2 gallons per flush system might not sound like much.

But when you break it down: 1.2/1.6 = 0.75

1 - 0.75 = 0.25   = 25%

What we’re seeing here is that the difference between a 1.6 and 1.2 gallon per flush system is 25% on your water costs!

So even if you do spend a little more tomorrow, in five years’ time you’ll have saved back more than twice the difference!

Of course, there are other considerations to make at purchase, but we’re always blown away by how many people fail to just look ahead. We’re all about giving our readers the best value options, and when it comes to choosing the best one piece toilet for the money, this means looking to water efficiency as part of the cost calculation.

Water efficiency versus flush power

The bottom line here is actually pretty clear.

While a 1.0-1.2 gallon per flush (GPF) toilet will save you dramatically on the water bill, it just won’t be able to give you the same powerful clean as a 1.6GPF model.

This is why many modern toilets are adopting the dual flush system--to give owners a choice on how much water they want to spend with each flush.

More on that to come… right now.

Flush Type

One of the main factors determining how water efficient your one piece toilet will be is its flush system.

Don’t worry, you won’t need to be a plumber to understand this next section.

We’ve broken things down into the most common flush systems, some basic information about each (and how they work), along with a couple of examples along the way.

Gravity Flush

This is the most basic and simple method, but it’s still commonly found in cheaper models. Basically, this flush system uses the forces of gravity to pull water from the water tank down through the bowl as a means of cleaning with each flush.

Since this is just using the weight of the water released from the water tank, you can’t really expect a thorough clean:

Let’s just say that with this flush system, you’ll want to keep a toilet scrubber handy.

Pressure Assisted Flush

Pressure assisted flush systems are the next step up. These systems use air pressure to help add a little oomph to the toilet’s flush system.

As a result, these flush systems give a much better clean than gravity flush systems--but they can also be slightly louder. Depending on the quality of build, these toilets can make a loud hissing noise as the air pressure is released and used during the flush (even some of high quality models can’t avoid this, so it may not be the best option for a bedroom ensuite when your partner is trying to sleep!)

Dual Flush

As we mentioned above, these are one of the most trending flush systems today.

And with good reason.

Dual flush systems are the perfect solution to water efficiency and power concerns. They offer two distinct flushing options built-in to the toilet system. You’re probably familiar with these in public restrooms, but you may not realize the difference in water efficiency between flushes.

Most models will offer a 0.8-1.6 disparity--that means you’ll be using roughly 50% of the water on your light flush as on the full flush.

When an owner wants to save on the water bill for the month, they can simply stick with the light option.

But when needed, they always have the power flush at their disposal. Keep an eye out for models with a dual flush system in our reviews if that’s something that might be useful for you.

Double Cyclone Flush

The double cyclone will likely become the standard of toilet flushing systems in less than a decade, but for the moment they are still leading the pack in terms of power and efficiency.

Basically, this flushing system is as close as you’ll get to saving on water efficiency without sacrificing on flush power. The design makes the most of each fluid ounce of water, and while it may be more expensive at purchase, a double cyclone flush model will save you in the long run on the water bill. For the moment, some of the best one piece toilets under $500 will feature this system, but it’s more common in higher-end products.


How much does a one piece toilet weigh?

The standard one piece toilet will weigh 85-115 pounds (38-52kg). This is significantly heavier than two-piece toilets (65-95 pounds), mostly because the one-piece design means that the toilet is carrying more ceramic weight in its build.

How to replace flush valve in one piece toilet?

Remove the back of the tank. Shut off the water that’s running through your water, before removing your fill valve. Then remove the fill line located on the back of the tank: mot of these are hand-tightened and should come off no problem.

Then take you pipe wrench and remove the plastic nut on the back of your toilet. Remove it, then pull up the fill valve to take it out completely.

Most of these are universal and can be replaced easily. Repeat the step used to remove the original, and tighten the new valve in place.

Can a toilet be moved in one piece?

The short answer is yes, but it may cost you. Especially if you need to remove more than three of the floor joists, or move the toilet more than 4 feet from its vent, then this may require professional help and can get pretty pricey.

Do one piece toilets leak?

While one piece toilets generally take less maintenance than two piece toilets, I have seen plenty of complaints about leaks when reading through the material. The main issue seems to be the water tank leaking down into the bowl, which can overflow the bowl in as little as 15 minutes.

Often, the solution to this is quite simple though, and the issue rarely happened within the first 5 years of owning a one piece toilet.

Do you need different seats for one piece toilets?

In many cases, yes you do. Many one piece toilets have a different anchoring system for the seat, and it can be impossible to tighten regular toilet seat bolts.

For a detailed guide on how to install a toilet seat on a one-piece toilet, check out this article here:

How do you install a one piece toilet?

Installation of a one piece toilet can be faster and simpler than a two piece toilet, but it may be slightly more cumbersome at the same time. Here are the three basic steps to installing your one piece toilet:

  1. Secure the toilet’s base to the floor with its anchoring system;
  2. Connect the water supply to your toilet; and
  3. Fill with water.

Summing Up

Choosing the right toilet for your home can be a long-term investment. It’s important to consider the toilet’s style, efficiency and power before making a purchase.

One piece toilets are a sleek and modern design, but be sure to check out each toilet’s individual specifications to make sure it’s a right fit for your home.

Fortunately, we’ve run through all of the stats in our reviews above, so have a read through them now if you haven’t already.

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