We Compared The 6 Best Toilets For Your Bathroom; Here Are Our Winners

best toiletWhether you’re looking for the best toilet table for your home or office. 

You’ve come to the right place.

While there are many options to choose from (smart toilets, one piece or wall hung), not all toilets are going to suit all needs and budgets – which is why we created this guide. In it, we plan to cover all the best toilet brands, types, and budgets to help you make an informed decision.

My guide to the best toilets aims to give you this information straight. If it’s flush power you need, I’ll point you in the right direction. If it’s luxury for the guest or downstairs bathroom, I’ll give you some winning tips.

Let’s start with my top picks:

  NameBowl TypeFlush systemRating 
Best Overall
Toto Drake Elongated ReviewElongated Two PiecePower flush (G-max system)5.0/5Check Price
Best One Piece
WOODBRIDGE Elongated ReviewElongated Single PieceDual Power Flush4.9/5Check Price
Best Two Piece
Toto Drake II Two-PieceTwo-piece elongatedDouble Cyclone4.8/5Check Price
Smart Toilet
WOODBRIDGE Luxury Bidet ToiletOne piece elongated (bidet)Dual flush4.5/5Check Price
Wall Hung
Toto Aquia Wall-Hung ReviewWall-hung elongatedDual flush4.1/5Check Price

Best Elongated Toilet

Elongated bowls are the ‘Plus size’ of toilets. They give you some added comfort, along with provided a sleeker, more luxurious look to your bathroom. My Best Elongated Bowl goes to Toto’s Drake I, for combining style with functionality.

Best Overall!

Toto Drake Elongated Review

tota drake


A powerful flushing system with a comfortable elongated bowl. Toto is famed for its power, and this simple design certainly gets the job done.

Our Rating: 5.0/5


Bowl Type
Elongated Two Piece
Flush system
Power flush (G-max system)
Gallons Per Flush
Special Feature
Strong flushing power

Who Should Buy

Anyone who hates waiting around to see if you need to flush twice. The Drake Toto uses its 1.6 gallons well and gives the most powerful flush on my list.Click here for the Toto Drake Elongated Review


The Toto Drake is a beautiful vitreous china bowl, with a luxury elongated shape. Beyond style, it’s main selling point is power. A single-flush system (meaning you don’t have the partial, water-saving option) that is seriously strong. The G-max system uses 1.6gpf, meeting the federal standards, but it gives a great clean with each flush.

Here is a video of it being flushed:

One reviewer complaint recognized a slight design flaw. It’s an aesthetic problem: there is an inner ridge within the bowl that can make it look as though it were dirty. While this is simply an unfortunate optical illusion, it isn’t so strong. However, it might be enough to discourage people to use this toilet in guest bathrooms or more high-traffic areas.

Otherwise, this thing gives a great flush and is really quite stylish (from the outside, at least!).

  • Two-piece toilet with tank and bowl included.
  • Powerful single flush system.
  • Luxury elongated bowl model.
  • Inner ridge issue (looks like an unclean rim from some angles).
  • No partial flush option to save on water.
tota drake
toto drake 4
toto drake 3

Best One Piece Toilet

One piece toilets combine tank and bowl into a single design. It’s mostly a matter of preference. Some people prefer this design style, while others go for the more traditional two piece option. My Best One Piece choice goes to WOODBRIDGE’s Elongated model.

Best One Piece!

WOODBRIDGE Elongated Review



WOODBRIDGE is a trusted name in the industry. Their simple one piece elongated design is a quiet, stylish toilet for modern homes.

Our Rating: 4.9/5


Toilet Type
Elongated Single Piece
Flush system
Dual Power Flush
Gallons Per Flush
1.6gpf & 1gpf
Special Feature
Soft-closing seat

Who Should Buy

Ideal for guest or downstairs bathroom, where you’re looking to show-off with some class. Also a great water-saver and offers an easy-clean design.Click here for the WOODBRIDGE Elongated Review


This luxury model from WOODBRIDGE comes fully-equipped and ready for installation. This includes a soft-closing lid, which is a nice and often under-rated feature. Especially if you’re a bit taller, tired from a long day and just want to let the lid fall–it’s nice to cause no racket.

For a powerful flush, it’s also quiet. Using just 1gpf on the partial flush, you’ll still get a good clean and can save on the water bill. No clogs and no leaks, and a sleek design to match. You’ll spend a little more on purchase for this WOODBRIDGE, but it proves a worthwhile investment.

Here is a video review of the Woodbridge:

  • Attractive, sleek single piece design
  • WaterSense toilet for saving on the water bill
  • Chair-height seating for comfortable use
  • Comes with a 5 year warranty
  • More expensive purchase
  • Takes up a bit of floorspace (suited for large bathrooms)
woodbridge 3
woodbridge open
woodbridge side
woodbridge front

Best Two Piece Toilet

Two Piece toilets use a separate tank and bowl design. This can require a little more effort during installation, and it can also mean that these models tend to be a bit larger. Larger tanks have the advantage of pumping more water, and the Toto Drake II is one of the most powerful flush systems I’ve come across.

Best Two Piece!

Toto Drake II Two-Piece

toto side


The Drake II is a great way of saying goodbye to your plunger. A seriously powerful single flush system that is comfortable and uses less water than the original Drake from Toto.

Our Rating: 4.8/5


Toilet Type
Two-piece elongated
Flush system
Double Cyclone
Gallons Per Flush
Special Feature
Polished chrome flush lever

Who Should Buy

At 1.28gpf per flush, water savers will get some good value out of this. While it doesn’t have the partial flush option, it does offer a more powerful flush at a lower gpf. This means it will average out well on the water bill.Click here for the Toto Drake II Two-Piece


The Toto Drake II is in many ways an upgrade on the original. It has even more powerful flush, using double cyclone system technology. It has reduced its gallons per flush to 1.28 (down from 1.6gpf), which is big since this is a single flush system. That means you’re always using under 1.5gpf, which is a huge water saver.

Reviewers are raving about the flush power of this model. It’s incredibly clog-resistant and gives a great clean with each flush. The only complaint has been that if it ever does clog (rare) it can be difficult to plunge. The back wall is almost vertical, which makes it near impossible for the average plunger to make a good seal.

Like I say, this is rare and most reports are consistent: this gives a great flush and a comfortable sitting experience.

You can hear the flush for yourself:

  • Double cyclone & gravity flush system for a very quiet flush
  • Nice polished finishes and china bowl
  • Just above 16 inch base height (without seat) making it accessible to all.
  • No partial flush option.
  • Plunging issues (if ever needed).
toto side
toto front
toto front 2
toto in bathroom

Best Smart Toilet

Smart Toilets may look and sound like something out of the future, but they’re here today. While I don’t mind a simple toilet that gets the job done, I’ll admit that I was sold on some of WOODBRIDGE’s luxury features. The biggest reason for its winning the Best Smart Toilet choice is its LED lighting system and adjustable bidet options.

Smart Toilet!

WOODBRIDGE Luxury Bidet Toilet



WOODBRIDGE specializes in luxury and high-end products, and its Smart Bidet Toilet is exactly that.

Our Rating: 4.5/5


Toilet Type
One piece elongated (bidet)
Flush system
Dual flush
Gallons Per Flush
1.6* & 1 gpf*
Special Feature
Bidet smart toilet seat

Who Should Buy

Midnight bathroom visitors and anyone looking to upgrade their toilet experience.Click here for the WOODBRIDGE Luxury Bidet Toilet


I didn’t think I would be someone to say it, but: Smart Toilets are worth getting excited about. WOODBRIDGE’s Luxury Smart Toilet with Bidet and other features is king of the bathroom. A dual flush system with a powerful clean and quiet flush, this toilet is also functionally great.

Now, onto the cool stuff. The in-built bidet cleaner also comes with an adjustable warm air dryer. In combination with the bidet, the dryer is claimed to remove the need for toilet paper altogether. Add to that an adjustable seat warmer (5 temperatures) and oscillating pulse and massage features, and your bathroom is suddenly looking a whole lot more luxurious.

While the luxury features are nice, I really like one inclusion to the WOODBRIDGE Smart Toilet: LED lighting. If you’re anything like me, the middle of the night is prime bladder time. And there’s nothing worse than turning on a bright bathroom light just to use the toilet at midnight. The LED lighted seating gives a gentle glow to orient you and let you use your bathroom in peace.

Of course, all of this comes at quite a cost. Be prepared to spend a pretty penny for this toilet. Besides the extra features, it is functionally quite similar to the simple WOODBRIDGE Elongated model.


  • Dual-flush with 1gpf partial flush option
  • Bidet included
  • Heated air dryer, warm water & elongated bowl for comfort
  • LED lighting to find the toilet in the dark
  • Quite expensive
  • Not as powerful a flush as some Toto models
woodbridge top3
woodbridge smart2
woodbridge smart3
woodbridge smart4

Best Wall Hung Toilet

Wall-hung toilets are often thought of as a styling choice, but I see them as having functional advantages, too. Toilet bases are notorious for unwanted gunky build-ups, and wall-hung options eliminate this problem entirely. They also take up less space and give your bathroom the illusion of being bigger. Toto wins my Best Wall-Hung Toilet award for its Aquia model.

Best Wall Hung!

Toto Aquia Wall-Hung Review

toto wall hung


Another Toto toilet that never fails on a powerful flush, with a stylish floating design

Our Rating: 4.1/5


Toilet Type
Wall-hung elongated
Flush system
Dual flush
Gallons Per Flush
1.6 & 0.9gpf
Special Feature
Easy-to-clean design

Who Should Buy

Ideal for modern bathroom following a minimalistic style. It also takes up less space than other elongated models, so can be made to suit small bathroom spaces, too.Click here for the Toto Aquia Wall-Hung Review


Toto’s wall-hung design is just as powerful as all other Toto models. Dual-max flush system with a 0.9gpf partial flush allows for a great clean with minimal water usage.

The wall-hung design is also a neat addition to any bathroom. Besides the fact that it looks like your toilet is floating, it gives the room a feeling of space and luxury which traditional toilets cannot. I like the simplicity of this model, which is matched by solid functionality and a great flush system.

There have been complaints about the system’s low water levels within the bowl. This is because the bowl itself is smaller than other models. However, if anything it may simply meaning using two partial flushes to clear away and remaining waste particles.

  • No gunk on the floor around the toilet’s base.
  • Great water saver with a 0.9gpf partial flush.
  • A powerful flush system like all Toto models.
  • Modern, wall-hung look.
  • Requires some additional work at installation.
  • Small bowl which can lead to lower water levels.
toto wall hung
toto wall hung 2
toto wall hung 3
toto wall hung 4

Best Compact Toilet

While elongated models get all the glamor and compliments, round bowls are all about practicality. That doesn’t mean they need to stick out like a sore thumb, though. The Sanicompact wins my Best Round Bowl choice for its easy installation, compact build and overall quality.

Best Compact!

Sanicompact Review



The sanicompact is a great choice for neat bathroom spaces with limited space. It also takes the hassle out of installation with a macerated pump for solving high sewer line issues.

Our Rating: 4.0/5


Bowl Type
Round Single
Flush system
Gallons Per Flush
1.28 & 1gpf
Special Feature
Macerating pump

Who Should Buy

Perfect for smaller spaces and tricky installations. With macerating pump and round bowl features, this is a toilet to fit in any bathroom, but certainly not a luxury item.Click here for the Sanicompact Review


The Sanicompact is a round bowl model with a macerating pump system. This makes it a practical choice for smaller bathrooms or difficult installations. The macerating pump allows for installation up to 9 feet below the sewer line, while the round bowl saves on floor space. This is worth taking note of if you do have a tricky install-job. Saving money on the purchase is one thing, but spending on an upgraded sewer system will really set you back.

The Sanicompact also utilizes a dual flush system. The standard settings for this are 1.28 gallons per flush (gpf) and 1gpf. That means almost a quarter saving on your water bill for the partial flush while still using the same power. The sanicompact is a functional option for smaller bath spaces.

While I personally don’t mind the round bowl, some people may not find them as comfortable.

  • Save on difficult installations
  • Quality china bowl
  • Dual-flush system with 1gpf partial flush
  • Macerating pump feature
  • Not as comfortable as an elongated bowl

How To Choose A Toilet

The Definitive Buyer’s Guide

toilet buyers guide

What Should You Be Aware Of When Choosing A Toilet?

Choosing a toilet isn’t the most exciting way to spend your weekend. So I’m going to make this as easy as possible for you. You’re going to want to be aware of three things when choosing the right toilet for your home:

1) Bowel type;
2) Water efficiency (and power); and
3) Flushing system

There are, of course a couple of other factors. You might want to consider how quiet the flush is, or how easy it is to clean. These are also valid concerns, but I would consider them secondary to big three listed above. Let’s take a look at those.

Types Of Toilet Bowls

The two main ones you’ll see are round and elongated. Elongated bowls are the luxury option: They’re more comfortable, more expensive and they take up more space. Round bowls are compact and perhaps less enjoyable to sit on.

The main thing you’ll want to consider with this is your bathroom layout. For a master bath, with plenty of space, there should be no issue adding those extra inches with the elongated bowl. However, if you have cupboards which open close to your toilet, two inches could be all the difference you need.

Final point on bowl shape: if you ever need to replace (or you want to buy a new) toilet seat, you’ll need to know the shape. This may sound obvious, but it’s good to keep in mind.

Efficiency And Power

The federal standard limit for residential toilets is 1.6 gallons per flush. Just a couple of decades ago, toilets were using as much as 5 gallons a flush. Needless to say, with the new regulations there have been some changes to the technology.

The thing is, more water per flush doesn’t always equate to a more powerful flush. So while it’s important to consider this figure, it’s also good to note how often you’ll need to be flushing. A weak flush isn’t just a waste of water–it can lead to making your bowl more difficult to clean, and provide unwanted waste build-up.

Flushing Systems

Flushing systems will tell you what you need to know about power. These range from simple gravity flushes to double cyclone flushes.

Gravity Flush

This is as simple and cheap as you’ll find. It is pretty much what it sounds like. The water tank creates pressure for the flush by releasing water and allowing gravity to do its work. Besides being cheap, this is also the quickest and quietest flush mechanism you’ll find.
The setback? You’re not going to have a spotless bowl and will likely need to do some manual cleaning from time to time.

Pressure Assisted Flush

This is the next upgrade from the gravity flush. It introduces pressurized air from a separate tank in order to make for a more powerful flush.
The pressurized air system is noisier than basic gravity flushes, but they provide a much more thorough clean.

Dual Flush

These are showing up more frequently in modern homes, due to their ability to save water. Dual flush systems give the option of using a partial or full flush, depending on the user’s needs. These partial flushes can save up to 25% of the usual water consumption. The good thing about these systems is that they use the same mechanism for the partial and full flush. That means you don’t sacrifice any power on the partial flush, you just save water.

Double Cyclone Flush

These are the latest and greatest in toilet flushing tech. While they are still relatively exclusive and expensive, they are probably where flushing systems are headed in the future.
The big advantage is on water efficiency. While still producing the same power as a full flush of standard toilets, double cyclone flushes use far less water. So while you may spend more on purchase and set-up, these models will save your water bill considerably.

Macerated Versus Standard

This last point is also a matter of installation. Standard toilets use an S-shaped model, which relies upon gravity. They require that the outlet be below the toilet, so that waste can move through the S-shaped system freely. This is fine if your waste outlet is indeed below the level of your toilet.

Macerated toilets are an answer to waste systems that are on a level with your toilet. They use a different mechanism to pump the waste and water away, which doesn’t require the gravity-drop found in S-bend models.

Macerated toilets are typically the more expensive option, but can save you on installation. It depends upon your waste removal system: a standard toilet that requires extra installation might just cost more than a macerated toilet on its own.

How To Replace A Toilet

Replacing a toilet is a two-step process. If you are familiar with installation procedures, then it shouldn’t be too difficult. The main thing will be about safely disposing of the toilet once you’re finished. If you are unfamiliar with installation steps, or basic terms like waste outlet and water pipe, it may be best to consider professional help for installation. This will typically cost between $75-$150.

How Does A Toilet Work?

Toilets work in a few different ways. The most basic method is by flushing away waste, using either a gravity or assisted flush mechanism. Water is released from the tank, and either with or without the assisted pressure, flushes away the waste which sits in the toilet bowl. This water and waste is then moved down through the outlet and into the soil pipe. Depending on your waste and sewerage system, this will typically then be taken far far away.

Who Invented The Toilet?

While common folk lore would have us believe that the flush toilet was invented by Thomas Crapper, sadly, this isn’t true. While Crapper certainly did exist–and he made a number of improvements to the original flush design–he was not the creator. For this, credit goes to a Sir John Harrington. Ever wonder why it’s called The John? This is why, and our thanks go to him for making our waste flush away.

How To Measure A Toilet Seat?

Toilet seat measurements are important to get right. If you don’t know your bowl’s dimensions, take a measuring tape to it. Line it up with the front of the bowl and pull it back tight to the centre of the hinges between post holes. This is where the seat’s hinge rests and it’s the most important measurement to get right. Then, you just need to know if you have a rounded or elongated bowl, and it’s clear skies from there on.

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