Tumbling On These Will Keep You Safe [11 Best Trampoline Brands Compared]

It’s hard to find interests or activities that suit everyone, right? That’s why trampolines are so valuable. Who doesn’t like to jump? It may be the one thing that draws everyone away from their mobile devices so you can make memories together in the backyard.

But the laughter only continues when everything’s going according to plan. You need a quality trampoline with the right safety features, so you’re guaranteed those epic moments.

We want to help you find the best trampoline brands. We tested hundreds of trampolines to come up with this list. See the results below and pick the one most suited to your needs.

What Makes a Trampoline Great?

There are tons of trampoline options. Why? Because each environment where trampolines, requires unique features in the trampoline. Some trampolines are ideal for children while others need to handle more weight or pressure.

But all of them needs these features on the specs list:

  • It must have enough bounce, created by the length of the springs. (Longer springs=more bounce).
  • Sturdy frames to withstand the pressure of the bounce. On low-quality frame, you’ll often find short springs to limit the bounce effect.
  • Quality steel—thicker than 1.2mm—so the frame won’t bend easily.
  • High-end fabric that won’t deteriorate in the sun or tear easily.
  • Safety features such as padding and enclosures to limit injuries & prevent individuals falling off the trampoline. Also, make sure the springs of your trampoline hooks on correctly. The opening must be small, so it can’t accidentally unhook due to movement.

So which ones are the best trampoline brands you should consider?

5 Point ChecklistFor Selecting the Right Trampoline

Take a moment and consider how you’ll use your trampoline. You must pick brands that cater to your specific application:

  1. Is it for indoor or outdoor use?
  2. Can it be used in all weather conditions?
  3. Is it designed for the age group that will use it?
  4. Will the brand’s weight capacity limit who in your family can use it?
  5. The best quality trampoline brands will provide lengthy warranty periods.

11 Best Trampoline Brands


There are many reasons for Skywalker seen as one of the best trampoline brands. The manufacturer focuses on putting quality into the design and parts. This one impressed our experts when it comes to the large-sized outdoor trampoline category.

Firstly we know the galvanized frame will serve you for years to come without bending or rusting, even if used outside a lot. No wonder the brand’s slogan is ‘Safe Family Fun.’

A unique feature of these trampolines is Skywalker’s button holes that keep the enclosure fixed to the jump mat. You don’t want someone slipping underneath.

Skywalker also has a broad range so pick one that fits your garden. This variety is unique to the Skywalker brand.


  • Parts are treated to prevent rust
  • Sturdy frame thanks to reinforced parts
  • Skywalker sells extra parts so you can repair your trampoline with original components


  • Lower weight capacity (200lb) than many other high-end brands
  • -Assembly isn’t fast or user-friendly

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Available Models
Note: This is the round trampoline range. Skywalker also sells oval and square units.

  • 7.5ft interactive trampoline
  • 8ft trampoline available in blue or green
  • 16ft trampoline with blue spring pad
  • 15ft sports arena trampoline with enclosure
  • 10ft, 12ft, 14ft and 15ft trampolines available in a variety of colors


This is the brand if you need your family-fun-equipment to handle the excessive weight. The 15” model can take up to 375lb, and the brand also uses galvanized steel frames. These won’t easily bend or break.

The brand caters to many environments as some of their models come with rain covers, ideal for the rainy season.

We appreciate that Zupapa makes it easy for parents to keep children safe from harm.

Because the brand’s bigger models are a bit high, small children won’t easily get on top unless they have access to the ladder. This helps to keep them safe: Simply remove the ladder when you know there won’t be adult supervision.

In almost all aspects Zupapa prioritizes quality, such as covers that are UV resistant.



  • One of the safest trampolines, especially for children
  • The high enclosure nets prevent anyone from getting over the netting
  • Handy accessories such as shoe holders and ladders make it even easier to enjoy jump-time
  • High quality at a more affordable price than many other brands offer
  • You can buy Accessories and parts separately


  • Uses Low-quality foam
  • Straight enclosure poles are in jumpers’ way
  • Difficult assembly with unclear instructions

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Available Models
You can purchase these sized trampolines with either outside or inside enclosure nets

  • 15ft safety (This model with outside enclosure is the most popular Zupapa product)
  • 12ft safety
  • 10ft safety


Experienced brand in making relevant, safe and fun-filled kids’ products. They manufacture a wide variety of products children can enjoy outdoors.

They offer one of the largest trampoline units on the market. On this 16ft mat you have enough room to do tricks, and even if you land on the mat’s edge, the design boosts you back to the center.

Kidwise proves it should be on the list of best trampoline brands with its focus on quality. Galvanized steel is used, and some with sewn-in enclosures onto the mats. This limits the risk of it coming loose and a jumper accidentally slipping underneath.


  • Some models can handle up to 450lb
  • Lots of bounce thanks to over 100 springs used on large models
  • Ten-year warranty available
  • Accessories and replacement packs sold separately


  • Trampolines are only suitable for kids six years or older
  • Some designs have only four legs, affecting the sturdiness of the ground

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Available Models

  • Magic Circle 14ft hexagon
  • SportsTramp Extreme 16ft octagon
  • 13.5ft SportsTramp Extreme
  • 16ft Octagon Magic Circle
  • 13.6ft round Magic Circle
  • JumpFree 12ft
  • 9ftx14ft rectagon Magic Circle
  • 12ft Hexagon
  • 12ft round Magic Circle

Most of these units are sold with safety cages. These enclosures can be bought separately.


Since quality is a high priority, you’ll love that Exacme even has a heavy-duty range available. These can support up to 335lb.

The sturdiness is because of the galvanized steel Exacme uses but also because the number of legs is always in proportion to the size of the trampoline. The legs are called W-supports after their shapes.

The safety is also noticeable in most of the fabric used such as foam coverings. However, there have been reports of straps breaking.

Of course, trampolines’ importance is about fun too and thanks to the high number of springs used (108 in the 15ft models) you get an exceptional bounce.

For the price, the brand is impressive regarding weight capacity and design. This balance of features is what the world loves about Exacme.


  • Affordable price range
  • Enclosure netting is kept in place more securely than with most other brands
  • The brand also sells accessories


  • Trampolines only made for one person at a time, which limits the fun
  • Some concerns about the quality of the fabric

HomeTechLAB Excame product reviews
Exacme 6W Legs

Available Models
– The outer enclosure range with 6W supports—most sold with ladders—can be purchased in these sizes:

  • 15ft
  • 16ft
  • 14ft
  • 13ft
  • 12ft
  • 10ft (with four legs instead of 6)
  • 8ft (with three legs)
  • Heavy-duty models
  • 14ft with four legs
  • 15ft with six legs
  • Unique designs such as:
  • Round trampolines with basketball hoops (8ft – 16ft available)
  • Youth Kids trampoline: 55.”
  • 15ft & 16ft round trampolines (without enclosures)
  • Intra enclosure models include:
  • Trampolines with four legs sized 10ft, 12ft, and 14ft
  • Trampolines with six legs sized 15ft or 16ft
  • The T-series range from basketball hoop combo available as 12ft or 15ft


Here’s a new brand you should keep an eye on. There may not be such a wide range as you’re used to with other brands, but in trampolines, safety is more important than variety, and this brand focuses on that aspect.

Ultega attempts to offer the best in all aspects:

  • Springs count is high making for enough support and bounce
  • The unique leg design improves sturdiness
  • Ultega uses galvanized steel

However, even if your trampoline works excellent at first, be aware that it can deteriorate quicker than some other models. Users have complained of matt fabric stretching out quite quickly so you may have less bounce.

You do get a two-year guarantee, so if you notice any structural damages, at least you can have it replaced or repaired effortlessly.

Note that this brand’s range isn’t only for leisure trampoline products, but if you’re looking for home gym equipment, you may find it here.

We also love that they think ahead and sell rain covers, excellent for a trampoline in your garden.


  • The range even accommodates toddlers
  • Replacement parts and accessories provided by the brand
  • Sturdy design
  • Easy assembly


  • Leg design requires more space than most other brands
  • Assembly is easy but takes a lot of time
  • High price for units that quickly show wear and tear

Available Models

  • Ultega 38” Mini Trampoline with six heavy duty legs
  • Ultega 38” Mini Trampoline that can be folded into four pieces for easy storage
  • Ultega Indoor Trampoline Jumper: a 4.6ft unit with six legs and enclosure
  • Ultega Jumper Trampoline with a safety net: 12ft, can handle 200lb

Pure Fun

This is a slightly more expensive unit. While you can be sure it’s sturdy, you, unfortunately, don’t get an enclosure, so you’ll have to buy it separately. Consider this when you’re working out your budget.

However, since this brand specializes in creating customized units for certain ages, it may be worth paying a few extra dollars. No wonder the brand is a favorite of families since it caters to everyone’s tastes.

You’ll find a trampoline suited for adults of course and Pure Fun’s units can handle the great weight. But if children will mostly use it, limit possible hazards by purchasing one uniquely designed for them.

One example of customization is the handles installed on the kids’ models. Even toddlers can learn to keep their balance—and have loads of fun—by holding on to these padded extensions. Here’s proof of the brand’s value: The age limit stretches to toddlers aged three years, where most brands only provide safety features for six years and older.

By the way, these rails even work correctly in the exercise range.

You’re also assured of quality thanks to features such as the UV block that prevents sunlight damage to the mat.


  • High weight limit
  • Quality parts with no welding, minimizing the chance of it disintegrating
  • Extensive stitching keeps the fabric in place
  • Customized options for kids and exercising
  • The brand sells accessories too
  • Caters for smaller children than other brands do


  • An enclosure doesn’t always come standard
  • Low-quality spring covers
  • Sizes only up to 15ft

Available Models

  • Pick from one of three ranges:
  • Outdoor trampolines
  • Pure Fun Dura Bounce models with enclosures and 6 U-shaped legs, available as 12ft, 14ft, and 15ft. Even the 12ft unit can hold a staggering 350lb.
  • 8ft Pure Fun Dura Bounce with enclosure and 3 U-shaped legs. This is suitable for up to 250lb.
  • Kids trampolines (Can handle +/- 100lb)
  • Round Super Jumper with handrail (various colors)
  • 48” Preschool Jumper with handrail
  • 7ft kids trampoline with enclosure (Tic Tac Toe design with chalk included)
  • Square Kids Jumper with handrail
  • 36” Round Kids Trampoline with Handrail
  • Foldable Kids Trampoline with Handrail
  • Dura Bounce 8ft with enclosure
  • Mini trampolines
  • 40” Exercise trampoline with handrail
  • 38” Exercise trampoline
  • 40” Exercise trampoline


If you’re going to purchase a trampoline, buying one designed by a mechanical engineer makes total sense. That’s what you get when you purchase Springfree products.

The designer—Dr Keith Vivian Alexander—actually found ways of circumventing primary dangers of trampoline jumping such as the springs and steel frames.

Now, with a Springfree trampoline you get:

  • A Flexinet enclosure that cushions your fall and prevents anyone falling off
  • A Softedge mat with no hard components on the area you jump on
  • A frame hidden underneath the jumping area so there’s less chance of someone hurting themselves by falling against it
  • Mat rods that are three times stronger than steel

One of the reasons people prefer this brand is its high safety standards which has been confirmed by it getting design awards and professional recommendations in both Australia and New Zealand.


  • Proven safety and functionality
  • Can’t fall on springs
  • Prevents you from falling off the mat
  • Nets and mats are UV resistant to last longer (Durable enough to handle 5000 hours sun exposure)
  • Galvanized steel frame is strong
  • Weather conditions won’t cause wear and tear


  • Difficult to set up
  • Expensive product
  • Maximum weight capacity is only 220lb (lower than some others on this list)

Available Models

  • 13ft Jumbo Square trampoline (A best seller)
  • 11ft Large Square trampoline (A best seller)
  • 8ft x 13ft Large Oval trampoline
  • 8ft x 11ft Medium Oval trampoline
  • 10ft Medium Round trampoline
  • 8ft Compact Round trampoline
  • 12.8ft Jumbo Round Smart trampoline

A Few Important Notes

  • All these models have enclosures
  • Because of the design there is more jumping space compared to traditional models (An 11ft Springfree trampoline has as much jumping surface as that of a normal 14ft trampoline)
  • Weight capacity ranges between 175lb and 220lb


Here’s a brand that was truly born out of passion. After realizing trampolines can be used for personal fun instead of only gymnastics, the founder of ACON first sold other brands before the company manufactured its very own.

Their passion also lies with hockey and other ball sports, which all require high quality gear. No wonder the world’s first quad backflip was made with the assistance of an ACON trampoline. Thanks to this stunt going viral, ACON is now world renowned.

This brand is also loved because:

  • The brand’s products can handle a lot of weight, such as up to 500lb or 800lb for the larger sized units.
  • You can leave this outside during rain or shine, because the parts are designed to withstand wear and tear, because of the galvanized steel frame.

The design makes for carefree fun. There’s no chance of someone sliding off or under the netting since it’s weaved directly to the jumping mat. Match this with the high level of bounce and you’ll have hours of fun. Because of the high weight capacity the entire family can enjoy this together.


  • The brand sells accessories
  • Warrantees up to five years
  • The large models can handle extremely high weight levels
  • Ladders included in most purchases
  • Great bounce
  • Can use in any weather and leave it outside for long periods


  • Lengthy setup process
  • High price tag
  • Too high to get onto without a ladder

Available Models

  • ACON Air 16 Sport HD
  • ACON Air 16 Sport (16ft x 9ft)
  • ACON Air 16 Sport HD Package with enclosure
  • ACON Air 14ft Black Edition Package with enclosure
  • ACON Air 16 Sport with enclosure
  • ACON Air 15’ with premium enclosure and ladder
  • ACON Air 15’ with enclosure and ladder
  • ACON Air 14’ with premium enclosure and ladder
  • ACON Air 14’ with enclosure and ladder
  • ACON Air 12’ with premium enclosure and ladder
  • ACON Air 12’ with enclosure and ladder
  • ACON Air Black 10’ with enclosure and ladder
  • ACON Air 4.6 (15ft)
  • ACON Air 4.3 (14ft)
  • ACON Air 3.7 (12ft)
  • ACON Air Black Frame 3.0
  • ACON Air 1.8 (Black Frame)


The Upperbounce range has sturdy frames and a wide range of sizes. The bounce is even enhanced because they made the springs from galvanized steel. We’re also impressed with its ‘Easy Assembly Feature’ that now features on most of its products.

If you’re a parent you’ll appreciate the safety features such as the foam sleeves on the poles and double rubber ties on the spring cover. Note that the weight capacity isn’t exceptional, but 350lb (on the larger sizes) isn’t too bad.

The brand is open to suggestions from its customers so you’ll often see upgrades that align with consumer preferences.


  • The brand sells both universal and original Upperbounce replacement parts
  • Huge sized trampolines
  • Easy assembly


  • Some small parts (straps and clips) tend to break easily, needing replacement

Available Models
You can pick from their wide range:

  • Kids trampolines:
  • 55” Kid-friendly trampoline with enclosure
  • 7’ Indoor/Outdoor Classic trampoline with enclosure
  • Round trampolines:
  • 7.5’ / 9’ / 10’ / 12’ / 14’ / 15’ / 16’ Trampoline & enclosure with ‘Easy Assembly feature’
  • 8’ / 11’ / 13’ / 15’ SKYTRIC trampoline with Top Ring Enclosure system and ‘Easy Assembly feature’
  • 12’ / 14’ round trampoline with safety pad
  • Rectangular trampolines:
  • Easy Assemble Mega with Fiber Flex Enclosure System
  • 9’ x 15’
  • 8’ x 14’
  • 10’ x 17’
  • Mini rebounder trampolines:
  • Foldable rebounder fitness trampolines in sizes (can opt for carry bag included):
  • 36”
  • 40”
  • 44”
  • 40”/48” Mini foldable rebounder with adjustable handrail
  • o40”/50” Hexagonal fitness mini trampoline with T-shaped handrail and bungee cord suspension (available in different colors)

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