Champion 25-Ton Gas Log Splitter Review

The Champion 25-Ton Horizontal/Vertical Full Beam Gas Log Splitter might be the most expensive model we’ve reviewed so far, but it delivers by far the most power.

Splitting even the knottiest logs with no difficulty, this is our pick for the best value and best gas log splitter titles.

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First off, it’s worth mentioning that this isn’t the quickest or easiest machine to set up. You’ll need to be a little handy – and if you’re not, we suggest getting help from a friend or a mechanic. From taking it out the box, assembly takes around one hour, but this is a small amount of time when you consider the many years of use that it will provide.

Set-up is by far the slowest thing about this gas wood splitter. The engine starts on the first pull every time, and it powers through logs faster than any others we’ve reviewed. It can handle logs up to 23.8 inches long (almost four inches longer than any of our other log splitters can manage) and 100 pounds in weight. The largest logs are easy to split due to the fact that you can insert them vertically: it’s easy to switch between horizontal and vertical use, setting this model apart from any of the others we’ve considered.

This is a seriously impressive machine which can power through large, gnarly, knotted sections of wood. We’re yet to find a section of wood that this log splitter can’t handle.

The auto-return valve increases the speed and efficiency of use with this machine, but we did find that it could be quite sensitive. However, the manual does come with instructions on how to adjust this, so you can set it to the best settings for your use.

The use of gas in this log splitter is a downside when compared to the electric and hydraulic options. However, it does comply with the emissions laws in all 50 states. In addition, a sensor shuts off the machine automatically if the oil level becomes too low, keeping it safe to use at all times.

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The Good

  • Works fast (12 second cycle time; up to 300 cycles per hour)
  • Can be towed (fitted with a 2 inch ball coupler and DOT approved wheels)
  • Handles logs up to 23.8 inches long and 100 pounds in weight
  • Switches between horizontal and vertical use

The Bad

  • Assembly takes one hour
  • Auto-return valve is sensitive
Features & Specs
  • Splitter type: Gas
  • Splitting force: 25 tons
  • Colour: Black and yellow
  • Weight: 430 pounds
  • Hydraulic capacity: 5 gallons (oil)
  • Maximum log size: 23.8 inches long; 100 pounds
  • Positioning: Horizontal/vertical
  • Speed: 12 seconds; 300 cycles per hour

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