Champion Power Equipment (90720) Log Splitter Review

With a maximum log size of 19.5 inches and a cycle time of 20 seconds, the Champion Power Equipment 90720 log splitter doesn’t have the specs to stack up against some cheaper electric models (including the Powerhouse XM-380), but what it’s lacking in specs it more than makes up for in power.

This log splitter can take some hard wood and heavy logs, but its 80cc engine and low-to-the-ground design make it easy to use.

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We were really impressed at the power which this log splitter delivers, which is all down to the 80cc engine. It did get stuck occasionally, usually on a very large, gnarly knotted section of wood, but otherwise it splits right through all types of wood including ash and pine.

It seems to work very efficiently, automatically adjusting the amount of pressure and flow which it asserts depending on whether a log is in place or not. This reduces the amount of fuel and energy wastage which some cheaper models may not be able to do.

On the subject of fuel, we would advise buying motor oil and hydraulic fluid in advance of this log splitter arriving. None is included, and it’s a frustrating wait if your splitter arrives first and only then do you put the order in for some fuel. Don’t make the same mistake that we did!

Overall, this device actually makes log splitting a breeze. It has been designed to sit very low to the ground, so if you’re constantly loading heavy logs (up to a maximum of 50 pounds in weight), it’s not a case of having to struggle to lift them high off the ground. The upside of this is that you don’t need as much upper body strength as you do for some taller models, but on the flipside, it does mean a lot of bending down to the ground, which isn’t great for the lower back. The built-in log cradle does keep the logs in place, which does at least play some part in reducing the amount that you have to bend over.

Our only disappointment came in with the assembly and transportation of this log splitter. It does come unassembled, and while putting it all together is easy for a mechanic, anyone who isn’t technically minded could end up spending an hour or more on assembly alone. Once it’s put together, you can’t tow this log splitter on the back of a truck, but you can fit it in the back of the truck bed – if you can lift the almost 150-pound weight. The only upside to this is that it does feature impressively rugged 10-inch tires, making transportation a little easier, even on uneven ground.

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The Good

  • Fast, powerful and efficient to run
  • Low to the ground means no heavy lifting
  • 10 inch tires are suitable for transportation, even over uneven ground

The Bad

  • Does not come with oil or hydraulic fluid
  • Low to the ground means strain on the lower back caused by bending down
  • Cannot be towed, only carried in the back of a truck
Features & Specs
  • Splitter type: Gas
  • Splitting force: 7 tons
  • Colour: Black/yellow
  • Weight: 143.3 pounds
  • Material type: Steel
  • Hydraulic capacity: 1.3 gallons
  • Maximum log size: 19.3 inches, 50 pounds
  • Positioning: Horizontal
  • Speed/cycle time: 10 seconds

The Champion Power Equipment 90720 Log Splitter can be found on Amazon

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