Face America’s Greatest Danger (Gun Violence Statistics and Facts)

Gun violence in America has hit crisis levels. The norm was that homicides increased by over 20 percent annually (between 2014, and 2016). Now, there have already been number of horrific school shootouts in the first days of 2018.

Lack of knowledge is a catalyst to this problem. We created the below infographic to raise awareness.

America’s Gun Violence Problem Statistics facts

America’s Gun Violence Problem Statistics facts

America Tops Every Country With Over 101+ Guns Per 100 Citizens

There are enough guns in America for every citizen – even those who do not own a firearm. In fact, a survey conducted showed rough estimates of 101+ guns per 100 citizens. Which is double, and even triple the gun per capita amount in other countries.

The worst part?

There are some states in America where there is no need to have a permit, registration, or even license to own a firearm. Meaning any john doe can get friendly with a gun of his/her choosing.

Less than two decades ago, Australia faced the same problems that America does with gun related-violence.

The difference?

After a mass shooting resulting in the death of 35 citizens, and injuries among a further 25 – the National Firearms Act was introduced. This law not only ensured that each individual required a legitimate reason for acquiring a firearm. But it also raised a mandatory gun buyback program for all firearm owners.

This halved the guns per capita throughout Australia. With a total recorded 700,000 destroyed firearms. Now, imagine what America could do?

62% Of Reported Gun-Related Deaths In America Are Suicides

On a yearly basis, there are 38,000 reported gun-related deaths, with an average of 96 Americans killed each and every day. Out of these 38,000 reported annual deaths, 62-percent are suicides.

Gun Injuries Are Not Like Common Injuries

Daily activities cause a greater number of injuries than guns. This is used as an argument against gun control.

To understand reality, it is essential to refer to the ratio of deaths to injuries. For example, trampolines have 11 deaths (from 1990 to 1999) to 246,875 trampoline injuries annually, and those statistics include even the safest trampolines. With car accidents, the picture crystallizes. There are about 6 million accidents a year with about 38,000 fatal crashes. In comparison, gun violence kills the same number of people every year. The ratio of deaths to injuries for guns is one death to two injuries.

America’s Gun Violence Is Almost 16 X More Than Other Developed Nations

America’s gun violence is so extreme that some even question whether it should be treated as a health issue from the CDC. In some states, buying a gun is simpler than buying cold medicine – or getting your marriage certificate – if that is not a red flag, what is?

Which is one of the reasons why we wanted to create awareness about the problem that we should be facing together. The infographic details statistics illustrating just how much of a risk gun violence poses to American citizens.

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