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Little Tikes 3′ Trampoline Review

Super fast and easy to assemble, the Little Tikes 3′ trampoline is the best toddler trampoline on the market.

The large jumping space and lack of springs make it safe and fun to use, leaving the only downside as the breakable foam padding.

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Little Tikes Trampoline
Firstly, I was super impressed at how quick and easy this toddler trampoline was to assemble. It unfolded out the box, so all I needed to do was screw in the legs and the handle. There were a few minor issues with some of the threading making screwing the parts together difficult, but all in all I had it set up within about 15 to 20 minutes.

The handle is a reassuring feature, as it definitely adds stability for toddlers jumping on the trampoline. Not only does it give them something to hold onto so that they stay upright, but it gives them something to push against to jump slightly higher.

For most toddlers, the handle will be more than adequate, but tall, strong or very energetic kids do need to be careful. The handle is positioned at the edge of the trampoline (and it’s not adjustable) so if kids put too much pressure on it the trampoline is prone to lifting and tipping.

As helpful as the bar is for little kids, it isn’t the greatest quality. The problems with the threading mean that there is some slight movement in the bar, although this doesn’t affect the support it gives to kids. The foam padding which covers the handle seems to be pretty cheap, breaking and disintegrating easily (especially if you have kids who like to bite everything in sight) but this is nothing that a little duct tape can’t fix. When it comes to storage, the bar doesn’t fold down but it can be unscrewed – although the whole thing is small enough that it doesn’t take up much space even when fully assembled.

That said, the trampoline is a great size and has enough room for two small toddlers to jump at the same time.

One of the most appealing features of this Little Tikes trampoline is that it doesn’t use springs or bungee cord. Aside from the fact that this makes it effortless to assemble, it’s very safe for little kids as there’s no chance of fingers getting pinched. The jumping surface itself is made from a tough webbing which doesn’t tear, so it has a good lifespan which will outlast daily use for a long time.

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The Good

  • Very quick and easy to assemble
  • Large jumping space
  • No springs or bungee cord
  • Jumping surface made from tough webbing

The Bad

  • Prone to tipping over
  • Foam padding on handle breaks off easily
  • Some problems with threading on parts which need to be screwed together
Features & Specs
  • Weight limit: 55 lbs
  • Size: 3 feet
  • Ages: 2 – 7
  • Safety features: Handle bar for stability, no springs

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