Masterbuilt 40″ Electric Smoker Review (Do NOT Buy Until You Read This!)

Out of all the electric smokers I’ve seen, this is the best. It really is Master Built! Every single aspect of it is fantastic, from the huge front viewing window, to the solid construction, immense internal space, even the little wheels built in that make moving it a cinch.

Out of everything we’re looking at today, this is my number one choice and overall best.

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The list of things this smoker comes with is immense, and every part of it is well thought out.

For a start, the heating element is strong, putting out a maximum of 275F, which is especially impressive considering the huge internal space of this thing. At almost 1000 square inches of cooking space across 4 cooking racks, this has almost double the room of some of its competitors, apparently enough for about 100lbs of food. I haven’t cooked anywhere near this amount, but I believe the claim. It’s massive.

Even more impressive is the fact that it’s so well insulated that even at maximum temperatures, so little heat escapes the internals that you can lay a hand on the metal frame of this and not burn yourself.

It’s got a full-length viewing window, which paired with the included remote control means that should the mood take you, you can adjust the machine from the comfort of your chair, maybe with a cold brew in the other hand. Even if this isn’t you, the image is too good to miss.

There’s a built-in drip capture system for simple clean up, and it’s made especially easy with the front access removable drip pan. This is a nice option because the only real flaw I ever found with the Masterbuilt is you had to wipe the front window off every time it was used. All the internals are dishwasher safe, though, so cleaning the racks is as simple as whipping them out and forgetting about them in the dishwasher.

A side mounted wood dispenser, built-in meat probe and air damper round out the features. For those who don’t know, the wood dispenser means you don’t have to replenish wood chips in the middle of use, the meat probe links to the remote to give you the exact internal temperature of your meat, and air dampers affect how much smoke is being produced and the flavor of your finished product.

Finally, to move the thing it’s got a pair of built-in wheels on the back. Whilst they won’t get it over grass or gravel without a struggle, it’s more than enough to get it from your garage to the decking at the back of your house.

Honestly, about from the fact that this is more expensive than the basic smokers, it’s straight up the best option for both beginners and seasoned professionals. A lot of other smokers have similar options, but none that I’ve seen can do everything that this does, or do it with such style.

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The Good

  • Massive viewing window makes checking your food as simple as a glance
  • Remote control puts everything at your fingertips
  • Everything built in, temperature sensors, even a meat probe!
  • Side mounted wood chip dispenser

The Bad

  • It’s quite heavy
Features & Specs
  • Size: 40″x25’x20″
  • Cooking space: 975 sq. in.
  • Temperature range: 100-275F (38-145C)
  • No. of cooking racks: 4
  • Weight: 73lbs (33kg)
  • Accessories: Water pan, drip pan, built in meat probe

The Masterbuilt 40″ Electric Smoker can be found on Amazon

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