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Skywalker Round Trampoline Review (10′, 12′, 15′ Ft.)

One of the first names you’re likely to come across when researching the best and cheapest trampolines available is Skywalker, as they’ve built a reputation on delivering exceptional quality for an affordable price. I’ve picked out the Skywalker Round trampoline as the best budget buy because it’s rugged and robust, comes in an impressive range of sizes, and you’ll still come away with spare change in your pocket.

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Straight away I was impressed with the build quality of this trampoline – it’s made from rust-resistant galvanized steel and features reinforced sockets to prevent twisting, bending and warping with time. This means that the frame will be able to withstand frequent use and all the elements for several years.

Similarly, the springs are resistant to rust, so they won’t wear with time either. The maximum weight recommendation for the smallest size Skywalker Round trampoline (10′) is 175 lbs, while the maximum weight for the largest size (15′) is 200 lbs, and I found that the springs were plenty strong enough to handle these weights with ease. They can actually withstand much more, but putting extra weight and strain on the trampoline isn’t recommended.

From a safety perspective, I was reassured to find that the springs are attached to the jumping surface on the outside of the enclosure net, so provided that the net is secured correctly, there’s no chance of injury from landing on the springs.

The net itself is made of pretty tough stuff and has a tight weave. It fits closely to the jumping mat, so there’s no chance of getting a foot, hand or even a finger caught. This is a major benefit which seriously boosted this trampolines position in my rankings, as having a poor quality net is an absolute no-no.

Luckily, this is the sort of trampoline that can be put together in a few hours with reasonable ease. However, the instructions aren’t the clearest, so set aside enough time to do it properly – and be prepared to re-align the poles if you haven’t quite set them up correctly the first time.

Bear in mind that for the price, you’re never going to get a trampoline that will last forever. As long as you’re aware that some of the foam and padding (which sits on the poles and outside the enclosure net anyway) may need replacing after a few years then you should be satisfied with what is a fantastic value trampoline.

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The Good

  • Reinforced sockets prevent structural twisting
  • Patented Stay-Put enclosure system

The Bad

  • Unclear assembly instructions
  • Foam padding needs replacing
Features & Specs
  • Size Options: 10′, 12′, 15′
  • Weight Limit: 175 lbs (10′), 200 lbs (15′)
  • Shape: Round
  • Trampoline Weight: Approx 75 lbs
  • Age Recommendation: 6+
  • Safety Features: Rust-resistant galvanized steel frame, patented Stay-Put enclosure system, padded enclosure, dual closure net

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