Southland SLS20825 Log Splitter Review

The Southland SLS20825 log splitter is built to last.

Featuring excellent build construction and a heat treated wedge for years’ worth of splitting, this makes an excellent investment. Rugged and portable, this might not be as fast as some smaller electric log splitters, but it’s still impressively fast for a machine of this size and weight – especially when you factor in the 25 ton power.

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With a maximum log capacity of 26 inches, this gas log splitter takes the largest logs of all those we’ve covered. Some of those logs are likely to be heavy and awkward, which is why the horizontal and vertical positioning is essential: you don’t have to lift the logs onto a raised bed. We couldn’t find anything that even slowed this log splitter, and when this is combined with the 17 second cycle time, we powered through several cords in a few hours.

The engine starts first time, every time, and it runs very quietly. In our opinion, this made it remarkably pleasant to use, which is just as well, because you’re guaranteed a long lifespan due to the first class build quality and the heat treated wedge.

Despite its rugged durability and its strength, this wood splitter is actually very easy to move around. Like the other models in this category, the Southland SLS20825 can be towed at speeds up to 45 mph. Its DOT approved wheels measure 16 inches in diameter, which are far superior to the 10 inch wheels of the Champion Power Equipment 90720.

All things considered, this log splitter is fantastic to use, and it’s highly effective at splitting logs. However, this only starts once it’s been put together. Assembly definitely needs two people – while the assembly instructions are clear, the main beam is very heavy, possibly even needing a mechanical hoist to move it. This is necessary for such a robust piece of machinery, but if you’re not aware of the assembly time before you place your order, it will come as a frustrating surprize.

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The Good

  • Heat treated wedge prolongs lifespan and value for money
  • Extremely powerful (25 ton force) at splitting very large logs (up to 26 inches long)
  • Towable with DOT approved tires up to 45 mph
  • Versatile – uses horizontal and vertical positioning

The Bad

  • Very heavy (almost 500 pounds)
  • Difficult assembly requires two people
Features & Specs
  • Splitter type: Gas
  • Splitting force: 25 tons
  • Colour: Red/black
  • Weight: 473.6 pounds
  • Material type: Steel
  • Maximum log size: 26 inches
  • Positioning: Horizontal/vertical
  • Speed: 17 seconds

The Southland SLS20825 Log Splitter can be found on Amazon

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