Square Springfree Trampoline Review


My pick for Safest Trampoline on the market, the Springfree Trampoline has been designed without any springs, delivering safer jumping and a larger jumping area, but the same level of bounce as traditional spring trampolines. This might be the most expensive trampoline on this list, but it’s worth every cent.

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This specially designed Springfree Trampoline uses flexible rods which sit underneath the circumference of the jumping mat, and which bend as you bounce. I was skeptical about how much bounce these would give, but I didn’t really see a difference in bounce height between this trampoline and those with traditional springs. One extra bonus of having no springs is that it increases the amount of jumping space which you can use.

The lack of springs increases the safety of this trampoline, but it has several other attractive safety features, too. Firstly, the thick, sturdy, rust-resistant galvanized steel frame sits underneath the trampoline, so it’s impossible to hit it and cause an injury.

In addition, the concave safety net is held in place by convex poles, so even if you land against the net it will hold you firmly in place. The net has been made with a FlexiNet design which resists against tearing and fraying, which seriously lengthens the lifespan of the trampoline.

I was impressed at how well this trampoline stood up through all weathers. It can be left up all year round, as the quality didn’t seem to diminish even after cold winters and blisteringly hot summers. This is probably down to the attention to detail on the part of the manufacturers: the net has been UV tested to twice the industry standard.

The manufacturers describe this as the world’s first smart trampoline, as it comes with what is effectively a tablet loaded with apps and games. This is designed to encourage kids to be active outside – and in this case the lure of another screen is a genius choice. It doesn’t affect the trampoline itself, but this is a nice feature which makes jumping even more fun.

I was pleased to find that a basketball, basketball hoop and ladder were all included as standard, which saves the need for spending even more money on buying these separately.

The main downside with this trampoline is that assembly is very difficult. It’s hard work – more so than any other trampoline I’ve reviewed – so you’ll definitely need the help of a few strong adults. It’s a fairly straightforward process (especially with the help of the instructions and online videos), but it’s physically challenging. However, it’s worth the effort as once it’s up this trampoline will outlast most others.

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The Good

  • Springfree design gives more space, excellent bounce and no safety concerns
  • FlexiNet design prevents tearing and fraying
  • Suitable for use all-year round – tested to twice the industry standard
  • Smart trampoline comes with interactive apps, games, a basketball and hoop

The Bad

  • Assembly is very physically demanding
Features & Specs
  • Size Options: 11′, 13′
  • Weight Limit: 1100 lbs
  • Shape: Square
  • Trampoline Weight: 269 lbs
  • Safety Features: Springfree technology, tear-resistant safety net which is UV tested to twice the industry standard, galvanized steel frame

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