Zupapa Round Trampoline Review

The weight limit and ladder put the Zupapa Round trampolines firmly in the Mid-Range category, but it does have some minor drawbacks. For the price the Zupapa Round is still excellent value as it’s solidly built, but make sure you check carefully which size you’re buying as the features and items included can differ slightly.

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For starters, Zupapa knocks Skywalker out of the park in terms of its maximum weight limit. This Zupapa Round trampoline can easily hold 330-375 lbs (depending on size), which is more than enough for your whole family to enjoy at once.

The Zupapa Round sits fairly high above the ground so smaller children might struggle to climb onto the jumping surface on their own, which is why I was suitably impressed to find a ladder included as standard – another feature which the Skywalker trampolines go without.

The larger trampoline can fit together with the enclosure net on either the outside or the inside of the springs. I love the fact that consumers are given this choice, as you can decide whether you want to avoid the springs completely or whether you’d prefer a little extra space.

The smaller 10ft trampoline comes with a rain cover, which impressed me at first as it’s designed to give extra protection against the elements all year round. However, in reality, you won’t always remember to put it on – or have the inclination.

Although the foam which pads the springs and poles is great for safety, I found that it began to wither and perish a lot quicker than with some other more expensive brands. This isn’t a deal-breaker, but if you live in a particularly sunny area then be aware that it will probably need replacing.

I didn’t find any real downsides to the Zupapa Round trampolines – more minor inconveniences.

When putting it together (which, incidentally, didn’t take long at all), by far the most time-consuming part was threading the enclosure net to the hooks at the base. This felt like a hassle at the time, but it secured the net firmly in place so was a small price to pay for having a secure net.

In addition, the poles which form the mainframe and hold the enclosure net in place are straight, while many other trampolines have curved poles. The only drawback to this is that it is slightly easier to bump against straight poles, but if you and your kids are careful with your jumping then this shouldn’t be a problem. In my opinion, it would have been ideal if the poles were slightly taller too, but again the height is more than adequate for all the jumping and tricks that your family might enjoy.

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The Good

  • Ladder included as standard
  • Enclosure net can be fitted on either the inside or the outside of the enclosure net

The Bad

  • Foam padding on the poles perishes quickly
  • Fitting the enclosure net is time consuming
Features & Specs
  • Size Options: 10′, 15′
  • Weight Limit: 330 lbs (10′), 375 lbs (15′)
  • Shape: Round
  • Trampoline Weight: 120 lbs (10′), 211 lbs (15′)
  • Age Recommendation: 6+
  • Safety Features: TUV certified, 6 month – 3 year warranties (different warranties for each part), galvanized steel frame, extra wide padding over springs

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